The Dad God had in mind for your kids…






I have asked this question a number of times over my life as a Dad: “Am I the Dad God wanted me to Be?” I know the answer at least in part. There have been times in my life where I was not the Dad God wanted me to be. We can all look back and see things we could have, should have done differently.


I have good news!


It is never too late to be the Dad God wants you to be. It may be late in the game it may be that you cannot have the relationship you want to have it may be that time will not allow a complete repair. All that said it never too late to become the Dad God wants you to be.


You will never know this to be true if you are not willing to make the change. Not just for a day or a week or a month but for the rest of your life. You do not need to live mistake free. In fact the more transparent you are about your own human weaknesses the more easily those around you find it to understand your behaviors.


WARNING: You must understand, the purpose of becoming the Dad God wants you to be, is not for selfish gain but rather for God’s Glory.


When He graciously gave you those babies, He did so with forethought and purpose. He believes in YOU! He loves YOU! He knew you could be a GREAT DAD! Everything you needed He has provided.


Everything we are and do that has lasting value in this life and beyond is for God’s glory. If we do things seeking our own praise and admiration or if we believe we are our families: provider, savior, guide, wisdom source or anything else I am competing for God’s place in my life and my families. HE ALONE IS GOD! He does not need your help.


What do I need to do to be the Dad God wants me to be.


1.  Stop being the Dad God does not want you to be. Get off His throne! Let go of PRIDE. Give Him the glory and you stand in His shadow.

2.  Lead your family to God. I get upset when I see men that wait for their wives to lead the home spiritually. Churches today are primarily female in make up because the men have decided to let their wives lead spiritually. That’s not what the Bible teaches. Get up! Help get your family ready and get them to church.

3.  Get a Biblical Education. You can’t teach what you don’t know. It’s great that you can build a shelf in the garage or change the engine or smoke the brisket but you also need to be able to lead your family through life spiritually. What keeps marriages together? What prevents financial ruin? What can bring you through extreme crises? JESUS! HOW? The Bible teaches us how to make it through life’s darkest hours and how to deal with extreme success without destroying our families and ourselves.


I am grateful for each one of our children. Each are different and unique. My life’s mission is to be the Dad God wants me to be. The highest compliment I receive is watching them follow Jesus. That means I did a good job of showing them the way.  I will not be able to be with them always but He will.