Holy Spirit you are welcome Here...


Spiritual Awakening, forgotten words among a Christian generation whose calendars are too full to wait. We are the generation who has declared waiting the highest crime against humanity. If forced to wait we will fill the time by surfing the web, catching up on what we are missing while waiting, we don’t have time for eye contact, idle chat, reading a complete email.


Life is often a blur. It is speeding by and we struggle to capture each moment. We are left feeling disconnected from our purpose and sadly it was on purpose. We paid big bucks to keep our children active: soccer, baseball, basketball, dance, music lessons. Do we invest the same effort and resources in the development of their character, passion for Jesus? Do we know, do they know their divine purpose in life?

God is calling us to Himself, right now, like never before in the human calendar.


When was the last time we waited in the presence of God until we felt His touch upon our lives? We sometimes attend weekend church services as if putting a check mark in that box. God is calling us to Himself, right now, like never before in the human calendar.


The question for each one of us is; will we answer His call to wait? Will we put the web on pause, reorder the family priorities so we can gather with our church family making the ONLY agenda to call upon God for a personal “spiritual awakening”? Will we answer the call to Worship Him?


In answer to God’s call upon my life to a spiritual awakening I am making room in my daily schedule to worship Him and to wait in His presence. What does that look like? Here are three things I am doing in my life daily:


1.          Beginning my day with Worship. Declaring His rule, His will, His dominion over my life.

2.          Taking time to read His Word daily. Beyond my sermon preparation, I recognize my need to tune in to God’s voice through his Word. Sometimes it is only a few passages other times a chapter or two. The priority is to open to God’s voice.

3.          A couple of songs have become personally meaningful to me during this time. One of them I want to share with you here:





I really believe God is at work in a very unique way right now at the Grace Place. In the hearts and lives of those that call it their home. Whenever God is moving the enemy will try to oppose that move of God. In order to welcome the Spiritual Awakening the Holy Spirit wants to bring into every heart and life at the Grace Place we need to affirm:


-God Brought us together to serve Him here at the Grace Place.

-I am willing to wait in the presence of the Lord, to make spending time with Him a life priority

-I will venture out of my comfort zone to see what God has in store for me and my church family.


Over the summer at the Grace Place we are going to provide time in our weekend gatherings to just worship Jesus. It will be more than just an altar call it will be a section of time in the service where we can just call on Jesus and invite him to awaken us spiritually.


This fall we start a series: “God Talks” that will run nine weeks. I believe God is going to move in an incredible way through these nine weekend gatherings as we open to His Holy Spirit. Let’s dedicate this summer to opening for our own personal “Spiritual Awakening.” I am very excited about what God has in store for us.



Pastor Alan