Writers Love and Loathe the blank page

I remember typewriters, not so much the old fashioned nonelectric versions, but the more modern counterparts with cartridge ribbon and correction tape (thank God!).


Writers love and loathe the blank page. The blank page represented a fresh beginning, opportunity to convey ideas, thoughts, truths or even fiction. The blank page could also torment, it starred back at you as the clock ticked and a looming deadline moves one minute closer.


After spending hours of time in study, armed with pages of notes from research, I would nervously load the Blank page into the typewriter. A great deal of thought was put into that first opening sentence because to correct that kind of mistake would mean a NEW BLANK PAGE.


In some respects we represent a blank page each day. That page can be filled with God’s dream for our lives or it can be filled with our own daily agenda. It can even remain mostly blank as we choose not to choose or become apathetic toward our day.

Dare to Dream!


Last week at the Grace Place we looked at five steps toward bringing the dream God has for your lives into action:


1.    Dare to Dream: Begin by spending time with God and allowing yourself to dream the dream He has for your life.

2.    Prepare the Dream: We talked about the three things that must be prepared. 1) YOU: you need to grow and develop so you can be effective in what God is calling you to do. 2) Strategy: you need to prepare a plan for the dream God has given you. 3) Team: No one can accomplish what God has in store for them alone. We need a team of people to help with the dream God has given.  

3.    Wear the Dream: You have to try it on from time to time to see how it works to make adjustments and learn from mistakes.

4.    Repair the Dream: Every dream will be assaulted by: doubt, criticism, jealousy, reality and fear. Keep a repair kit handy. Your repair kit should include: patience, forgiveness, encouragement and lots of glue.

5.    Share the Dream: We cannot do it alone. We need to share the dream God has given us with the people around us and partner with those who are like-minded.


God wants to write on your page! He wants to fill it up with His dreams for your life. Can you? Will You? DARE TO DREAM?