It is so true! Only Single Christians get subjected to stuff like this. When I was 20 I had an interview with a church in Flagstaff Az. that included speaking on a Sunday evening and meeting the church family. After service a couple of mom's lined up to meet me and ask if I was married. I said no and before I could say anything else they were introducing me to their lovely daughters. When your single you are always someone's mission. lol

This weekend at the Grace Place we are going to take a look at how singles fit in family. Our series Family Matters has taken a look at marriage and children now we look at singles. Growing up in the church I could always count on an annual message from our pastor or guest speaker that would remind me I was single. The theme was generally the same and I hated hearing it. It was something like "God chooses some to be single for life". They would call it "Blessed Singleness". It did not feel very blessed to me, but I'm just sayin. 

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what we discuss this weekend. Bring a friend. This is a message that will meet everyone where they are no matter what their status. Additionally this Sunday we are all....yes ALL, signing up for small group. Our small groups are called "Grace Connect". We have one that meets in Pflugerville, a women's book study that will meet at Grace on Sunday afternoons and a Round Rock group. If you join this weekend we have a special gift for you so go sign up you will love the gift and the group, that I promise.