Alicia Keys was on Good Morning America this morning to introduce her new song "We Are Here". Her new song is intended to answer the question of "Why we are Here" our purpose on earth. Her answer is simply: "We are here for each other"  Is that what life is about? Am I here for you and you here for me?

I was especially intrigued by the panel of Good Morning America who discussed her song after she had preformed it. They were impressed by the song and the subject matter. One of them stated they had never given thought to the question "What is life about"?  I was surprised to discover that was the general consensus of the 4 person panel. 

How is it this question would not be asked and deeply thought upon during the course of ones life? After all we are not machines performing a function in order to produce a product.  Add to that you were born into this period of time, to a specific set of parents, you have a unique design, personality, drive and desire. We are human beings not human doings.

I would suggest to you that we do not ask the "Big Questions of Life" because there is no human philosophy that satisfactorily answers them. What are the Big questions? There are Four BIG questions of life:

1. ORIGIN: Why is there something rather than nothing? We were told about the "Big Bang" theory but it does not even broach this question. It makes no attempt to talk about beginning at all. Most importantly it is a "theory". No one was there to see it so in truth you need faith to believe it.

2. MEANING: What is the meaning of Life? Ravi Zacharias points out: "Atheists Jean Paul Sartre, or Friedrich Nietzsche, or Michel Foucault:  These three philosophers, who also embraced atheism, recognized that in the absence of God, there was no transcendent meaning beyond one’s own self-interests, pleasures, or tastes.  The crisis of atheistic meaninglessness is depicted in Sartre’s book Nausea.  Without God, there is a crisis of meaning, and these three thinkers, among others, show us a world of just stuff, thrown out into space and time, going nowhere, meaning nothing."

 3. MORALITY: Is there such a thing as morality or good and evil? If there is moral law then there must be a moral law giver. If I believe in good and evil, who defines what is good and what is evil? 

4. DESTINY: What happens to me when I die? Is there any hope beyond the grave? Is heaven real? Is hell real? Many world religions teach a life beyond the grave but only the Bible gives coherent meaning and understanding to life after death. 

Are you searching for answers to questions like these? If so I would like to encourage you to check out the Grace Place in Round Rock at 1500 Royston Lane. We meet Saturday 6pm or Sunday at 10:30 am. We look at these questions and provide answers from the Bible. The Grace Place is a friendly community of followers of Jesus Christ who come together to learn and grow in their faith. You will enjoy the live worship band and the messages are practical and easy to understand. 

I would welcome your questions or comments on this post. Feel free to share it with your friends. Have a great week. 

Pastor Alan Kirkpatrick