All over Williamson County kids are returning to school today. Facebook is filled with beautiful pictures of our kids ready for their first day. Parents shed a tear as they realize their child is one grade closer to graduation. For our kids going back to school means they will face daily decisions outside of immediate parental guidence and direction. Peers will have a great influence on some of these decisions. 

The choices they make will start to create a community around them. Those choices will also move them in a direction that can have a lasting impact on their lives. Parents know this and that is what makes going back to school a time of high anxiety for mom and dad. Some parents have such strong feelings about this that they choose to home school where they know the influences that will be around their children. Home schooling can be very good in some situations but for many parents it is not an option.

I would like to raise the value of the Grace Place community at this point in my post. Do not underestimate the importance of what happens each week in your children's lives through the Grace Place ministries. From Grace Kids to 212 Youth gatherings each weekend our kids hearts and lives are touched through the Word of God and the loving embrace of Christ's community. Growing up in church I can attest that the church family saved my life. I grew up in a small church filled with people who loved God with all their hearts. They sacrificed their time to work with our children's and youth ministries to help teach us how much God loved us. 

There were some difficult times in school for me. I faced intense peer pressure at times to do things I was not comfortable with. The church family was an oasis for me in a dry, thirsty land. I had support and friendship there. Other kids my age who were also facing the challenges I faced. Together we could stand strong and follow Jesus. My 8th grade year two of us started a Bible Club at school. We did not expect that many would show up. To our surprise after a month we had about 35 kids in our club. Our local church helped provide supplies for us to study God's Word. 

Currently in our Grace Kids program we are featuring the Duck Kingdom! The kids are having a blast in the program.

Now that school is back in session make sure that the kids are involved at the Grace Place. We love your kids and our team is here to help make sure they keep their eyes on Jesus and receive all the support and encouragement they need to succeed. We are praying for all our families and kids that this will be the best school year ever! 

Join us for a Five Week Series on Family beginning August 30th & 31st Saturdays 6pm and Sundays 10:30am. We have titled the Series Family Matters. We are going to take a look at all kinds of families: Single parent families, Blended families, Families with pre-teens and so much more. 

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