I would like to believe but I can’t.

Over the years I have met a lot of people who say: they would like to but can’t believe in God. Often their reasoning ties to a story that is very personal for them: A lost loved one, observations of suffering in the world, a prayer that seemed to go unanswered, difficulty resolving the Biblical accounts of miracles with the reality of understood science.

Others believe all religion is the same. Every faith is after the same god and in the end all faiths will lead to him. They may further believe that this god will be found by them inside or outside of religious structures so long as they are seeking to be good. This group sums up their feelings in a bumper sticker

I am tempted to comment further on the bumper sticker but for the purposes of this post I want to keep the central thought central. What is our central thought? The struggle to believe, even when one wants to believe.

Now that we have taken a look at the “Why” some struggle to believe, we need to be honest about something much more important….


More on the question itself in a moment but for now let’s look at the most likely two responses from people who were not Christians or believers:

The first group would be people who would be relieved and say to themselves: “I made the right decision to not go after religion it was a waste of time and I am glad I made the right choice in life”

The Second group would be those who would say: “I am sad about this news. I somewhat admired people I knew who were Christians and had truly considered exploring it further.”

Which group do you think you or some of the people around you would fit into best?

Can God be proven? YES! But sadly for many they willfully will not see Him even as he knocks on their door. The first group has leaders who make it their work to disprove God. The reason is obvious. “If there is a God, guess who is no longer in charge of their life”?

The people in the second group are the focus for this Sunday’s gathering at the Grace Place. If you want to believe but are struggling in your faith this is your weekend! It’s going to be a wonderful invite weekend as we celebrate “Back to Church Sunday”! The Theme of the weekend “NOW IS THE TIME”

Sept. 18th 10:30a.

If you cannot be there let me encourage you to listen to the podcast or watch the live feed video available at www.gp.church.