The one certainty of agreeing to join your local church in fasting a day without food, is that all food everywhere will go on sale. Commercials will advertise your favorite foods, all you can eat, for just 2 dollars. Count on it. Steak and lobster will be in ample supply and offered at pennies on the dollar.


Well, at least every time I have been on a fast it has seemed that way. We don’t fast very often as a culture. Usually only when our doctor demands that we do so before a surgery or medical procedure. Since we do not do it very often it seems strange to talk about.


In American culture we do most everything around food. We have snacks in and on our desk. We plan meetings around breakfast, lunch or dinner so we can feast while we work. One common topic in our every day conversations with one another will focus on food we have eaten, prepared or plan to try. At least once a day you will hear someone in your family or work place say these words: “I am starving!” Likely they are not starving just hungry. Few of us in Amerca have any concept of what starving would be like.


 Even if we are striving to live a healthy life it seems that “food” often dominates our conversations with one another. We talk about what we stopped eating, what others eat and what we now eat that helps us look great and feel good. We share recepies, food tips and even bring samples to work to show others what awesome food we eat.


A cursory slow paced walk through Sams Club, Costco or our local grocery store can include enough food samples to fill an empty tank.


MY POINT IS THIS: Food gets a lot of our attention, time and worship



What do you mean Worship? I don’t worship food!!


Here are some of our responses to good meals: “That steak was Amazing” “They have the best burgers in town” “I love their Chocolate Pie” “The way they prepare the Sea Bass is to die for” “Each bite melts in your mouth”


You get the picture. If we were as excited about church as we are the new restaurant in town that we recommend to everyone, who knows we might pack the place out.


Alas we have arrived at why fasting is so important. Nothing wrong with eating. God gave us our appetite. He just never intended it to control as much of our attention as it does. When we say No to our appetite and sayYes to spending that time with God we turn the volume of earth down and volume of heaven up.

Yes your tumbly may be rumbly but your spirit man will awake to the life changing words of God.


Will you join me August 31st for a Day of Fasting and prayer for our Fall Campaign “God Talks”? One day, 24 hours without food. You can drink, juices, water or milk. Take the time that you would normally use to prepare food, talk about food and consume food and give it instead to God. At least 3 times during the day find a place to meet with God, read your Bible and Pray. If you go to this link:  Jake Gould prepared devotionals to help you with the fast. We posted them on the website. It starts after your evening meal on Aug. 30th and walks you through each meal time.


I know God has great things in store for our church this fall. Without Him we can do nothing. Let’s get on God’s page and make an impact for His glory in our community!


Pastor Alan