(Fill in the Block map of your near neighbors and pray for them each day.)

Eight weeks of loving where we live. Most of us would say we love where we live but do we really LIVE and LOVE the community we call home? Do we know the stories behind the doors across the street and next-door?

Chances are we are not as familiar with the people of the community we live in as we are the amenities, businesses and schools. For the next eight weeks we want to invite you get to know the people in your neighborhood.

Why does it seem so difficult for us to meet our neighbors? I believe it has to do with two myths about neighbors that we actually believe.

1.          People like to stay to themselves. They enjoy privacy and do not want to be bothered. MYTH!

People actually enjoy getting to know their neighbors it makes them feel safer and more connected to the community.


2.          People have enough friends already and do not need more as they lead busy lives. MYTH

Yes, people are busy but that means they need friendship more than ever. Our society has become very mobile over the past 2 decades which means more and more people are moving into communities where they have no friends and no near family. Our city is exploding in growth and many of your neighbors are desperate for friends who will care about them and offer to help them get connected to community.

Vanessa threw her first community block party this past week. She went to houses in her neighborhood and invited the neighbors over for an Ice Cream social on Labor Day evening. She put out a couple of hand made signs in the community and what do you know…People showed up. I helped with the event so I can tell you the people who were there were eager for friendship and wanted to get connected. 




Something great and something Godly is about to happen in your community too! Go meet the neighbors! Invite them to share life with you. Pray for them daily. God is at work.