My first full time ministry position included the following responsibilities: Children’s pastor, Youth Pastor, Janitor, church secretary. In order to have full time pay I needed to do all these jobs. I have to say, I really enjoyed each one of them. While vacuuming the church, I would preach my weekly youth message. It was fun.


I really enjoyed Children’s ministry we had such a great time. One of the songs we sang in kid’s church was (The B.I.B.L.E). The words in this song were:


“The B.I.B.L.E yes that’s the book for me

I stand up on the Word of God, the B.I.B.L.E”


As Christian’s the Bible is our rule of faith and practice. Are we living like we know that is true? What do we know about the Bible, how often are we reading it, do we study it?


I have had people tell me that the Bible is very difficult to understand. There are challenging passages in the scripture but as a whole the Bible is easy to understand and even challenging passages are explained in easy to understand language as you continue to read the entire book.


“Some parts of the Bible are so clear and simple that they are offensive to those suffering from intellectual arrogance.” (R.C. Sproul)

Some may describe the Bible as primitive and obscene. I tend to agree somewhat. The entire history of redemption is communicated in primitive terms from the Encounter of Adam and Eve with the serpent to the devastating destruction that God visits on the chariots of Egypt in Exodus to the crass and brutal murder of Jesus of Nazareth.


The Bible reveals a God who hears the groans of all His people from the peasant to the philosopher, from the dull-witted to the sophisticated scholar. His message is simple enough for the most simplistic of His fallen creation to understand.


We need to read His words. They are from His heart to ours. As we read the Holy Spirit is at work bringing them to life in us. So go ahead. Do it now. Open the Book and let God speak into your life.