This Summer

I wish...


There is a nagging discontent that abides in the heart of all mankind. The more we acquire the less satisfied we become. What is it that keeps the soul disquieted?


Satan is the master counterfeiter.

“Wishing you were here” is the constant call of our tortured carnal nature on earth. About the time we think we have arrived “here” there appears another “here” over “there”! Yes, we have this but we do not have that, yet. Sitting alone in our HVAC cooled shelters with nothing but our thoughts our mind focuses on the discontent. Sometimes it is just a nudge and other times it is an overwhelming attack on our self worth and value.


Everything looks better than what is sitting in your living room. At times we look right past what we have to see what we do not have. Polishing the lie is our enemy satan. He is the master counterfeiter. He has a synthetic for everything you lack. Replacing: a calling with a job, a marriage with an affair, inner peace with a drug, generosity with greed.


He can make selfish acts look like self sacrifice for the greater good of humanity. “I am doing you a favor by stealing from you after all you would not know what to do with what you have anyway.”  And in the end we are filled with discontent. The scriptures say it this way:


They sow the wind

    and reap the whirlwind.

The stalk has no head;

    it will produce no flour.

Were it to yield grain,

    foreigners would swallow it up. (Hos. 8:7)


This is a picture of a life that holds no satisfaction. The great prophets of our time wrote “I can’t get no…satisfaction”


Perhaps, “Wishing you were here” is the right statement but spoken to the wrong person…Try saying it while looking up and inviting God into your room of discontent so that He can truly make it a “LIVING ROOM”.


This weekend at the Grace Place we begin a new series titled: “WISH YOU WERE HERE”. Message one we will discuss what God wishes for you. Don’t miss a weekend! Join us Sat. 6p or Sun. 10:30a.