Pastor Alan Kirkpatrick

Christianity is offensive! Let’s face it, who wants to start their journey in faith by acknowledging they are a sinner. Not acceptable to God in any way shape or form. All their good deeds piled up cannot grant them even a one second audience with God. We are unworthy, evil, capable of no good thing and undeserving of a relationship with a Holy God.


To be told that there is nothing we can do to cancel our sin. Only by repenting, which means to acknowledge our sin and turn from it, and accepting Jesus sacrifice on our behalf can we make a start toward God. We must invite Jesus to be the Lord and leader of our lives.


And what are our sins? The very things we enjoy and believe life is all about. In many cases our very identity. We are caught up in Idolatry. Simply stated: we have replaced God with other gods. James talked about the human problem of sin and stated:


“Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. (James 1:14NLT)”


Away from God, away from our purpose, calling and eventually away from each other.


Now you can see why Christianity is down right offensive. It certainly cannot stand the “political correctness” test of current cultural philosophy. So if you are practicing Christianity get ready to be “unfriended” by culture.

A true Christian is not on a soapbox today wagging their finger at culture they are on their knees in heartbreak calling on their savior. What our culture needs is a Savior not a lecture!

Yes, truth is on the side of those who belong to Jesus, but the best of our arguments seem insensitive and bias to a world that does not know the author of LOVE.


Conversion is the remedy! Christianity, different from all otherworld religions, approaches converting a lost world in a completely different way. To bring people to Christianity we seek to create a hunger in them by showing them JESUS in us.


In order to show the world the Biblical truths on Marriage we burnish the practice of marriage until it’s radiance dazzles the eye of the unbeliever. The Christian is called to portray God’s LOVE, the kind of love that comes only from God, openly and freely to the world around them. The kind of love that is self-sacrificing, it can take a punch or two or three, it does not give up, it returns good for hate and is faithful.


Being unfriended is certainly not the worse thing that can happen to you, especially if you understand what friendship really is all about. I want my friends to know Jesus MORE than I want them to LIKE me.