"Whereas 85% of the silent generation (born 1928-1945) call themselves Christians, just 56% of today's younger millennials (born 1990-1996) do the same, even though the vast majority -- about eight in 10 -- were raised in religious homes. Each successive generation of Americans includes fewer Christians, Pew has found." Daniel Burke , CNN Religion Editor

 Grace Place 
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Encountering A Living God In A Dying World

In the article above the summation of the author is that “Older generations of Americans are not passing along the Christian Faith as effectively as their forebears.”

The alarm has been sounding for a few decades. If each generation does not have a personal encounter with the Living Savior, they will move away from faith and focus on self. The responsibility of passing our faith down to the next generation includes leading them to a faith encounter. 

I don’t need to say what is at stake for not only the church but for our nation. We are seeing the results of the decline all around us. The rise of evil revealed through terrorism. The appeal of evil, to a generation without a cause it gives them something to be passionate about.  Broken marriages are leaving families in ruin. Pornography is accessible to children and creating confusion in identity. 

There will be a huge national cost in every generation that turns it’s back on God. The History of man is repetitive. Man turns from God, society decays, man repents, God helps man rebuild. This story is as old as mankind. Wherever man does not repent and the church is under persecution, the people of that nation are in bondage and corruption, evil and greed rule. 


There is a way that appears to be right but in the end it leads to death. (Prov. 14:12)


We who belong to God have a tremendous responsibility to lead the people of our communities to an encounter with the living Savior. When I say encounter I mean both an intellectual understanding and a personal, experiential encounter with the risen Savior. Intellectual understanding is a great beginning but every person needs a personal experience. A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument. The question is how?


Ø It begins with you. You cannot lead anyone where you have not gone yourself. If you only have the intellectual understanding you need the personal encounter with Jesus.

Ø Worship is how you get there. The Bible tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people. When the church comes together corporately to worship, God is in our midst. You can’t miss HIM. 

Ø Ask for more! Don’t be satisfied with where you are in your spiritual development. We are told to ask, seek, knock and it will be given. 


God still does miracles! If you are willing to give him your time and attention, He will reveal Himself to you in ways that will transform your life forever. 

The problem is we don’t have time for God today. Our schedule won’t allow it. Even if we attend church regularly we already have plans the moment the final amen is said no time to hang around or answer an altar call. Busy, busy, busy. 

I am not making fun, I really do understand. I put in 58 hours at work last week and also mowed my lawn, trimmed the hedges and ran the weed eater till the batteries died. I drove 7 hours round trip to pick up my son from school, cleaned my house and hosted small group. I get it. We are all very busy. I hear you asking me…so what do I cut out of my life? That’s not a question for me it’s a question for God. Ask Him. 

What I do know is that if we do not change our habits we risk losing a generation to sin and we cannot take that chance. If you have read this far in my blog, copy these words and send them to me by email: I WANT A PERSONAL ENCOUNTER WITH GOD! Email it to me at: alan@alaninaustin.com I will respond and put you on the team that will start seeking God for Grace Place and our mission. 

We can turn the tide. God is with us. The millennial generation can be turned back to God, they just need to see Him! We need to show them!