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Grace Place Austin...We are Family!

We Are Family

December 24th my friend and one of our Grace Place family members, Britt Canary, entered into the gates of Heaven and the eternal presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. Britt leaves behind his wonderful wife Amy and three incredible children: Austin, Parker and Sam Canary. We deeply love this family and they mean so much to my family personally and to our entire Grace Place Austin family.


As many of you know Austin and our Daughter are engaged. Britt and I have been friends for over 6 years. From late 2009 through 2011 we were roadie dads so to speak. Austin, Amanda and my son Zak were in a band together that was voted the number one under 21 band in Austin, Texas in 2011. We spent countless hours together and went through some real emotional roller coasters as we tried our best to help our kids fulfill their dreams. It was a wonderful experience for all.


Since then we have watched our children take the lead roles on our worship team at the Grace Place, our home church. Additionally they are all enrolled in Universities. Austin will graduate this spring from University of Texas. He is very active in our church and leads our Media Ministry. Amanda is a senior at Texas State and leads our worship team. Zak is in his Junior year at SAGU as a theology major. When he is home he is a member of our teaching team at the Grace Place. We are so proud of our kids and all God is doing in and through them.


Britt took advantage of every opportunity to encourage young people in their gifts. He loved his family and would do anything for them. He was so pleased when Austin and Amanda started dating and Amanda loved her future father in-law. Our church family has united to reach out to the Canary family. If you would like to help the Canary family we have appointed Irene Kile at: Give her your contact information and availability. Remember to pray for them each day.