My terrible, horrible not so very bad day…

Yes, even a pastor can have bad day. There is an old saying among pastors that goes… “Every Pastor rejoices on Sunday and resigns on Monday”.  The long work week of a pastor is pointed toward the Sunday gathering. That day when God’s people gather to Worship Him and to teach, serve and love on each other.

Monday blues, that was what was going on for me. Things started off normal but then I began to think about “me”. What am I doing that is valuable? Have I made an impact in the lives of the people I am called to lead? I started looking at the work that had been done and all the work that needed to be done. The more I thought about it the bigger that mountain of work grew. I thought… ”What if I were able to accomplish it all would it really make a difference?”

 You know how it goes, before I could walk out the door I had already beat myself up. You may not have been able to see it on the outside but on the inside, I had a black eye, bruises and my posture was a lot like the guy in the picture above.

Inches from the car door I remembered I had left my car keys in the house. Back to the car with my keys know I realize I had left my backpack for work inside the house. Down the road a bit now and I remember a folder I need that was still at the house. It was a terrible, horrible kind of day.

I paused for a moment in the parking lot, long enough to have an encounter with God. I was reminded in that moment of why I do what I do. The warmth of His love sweeping over me like waves in the ocean. He reminded me who I worked for and who I belong too. Yes, it was almost a terrible, Horrible day but it turned into a not so bad day after all.

The work load is still before me, the problems did not disappear, the challenge of leading a congregation spiritually is still a daunting task but I was reminded I have a partner. Jesus promised never to leave us and He never has. With Jesus as my partner we can tackle any MONDAY.

This Sunday I want to share my life verse with you from the Bible. It has been my life verse for almost 40 years now. It has seen me through some very difficult times. In fact it was that life verse that helped turn around my Monday. It has turned around a lot of difficult days for me over the years.  Join me on Sunday at 10:30a at the Grace Place.