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There is a sense of urgency in this post that moves me to write even though I am currently sitting next to a desk full of work that requires my attention. The thoughts I am going to share were brewing in my heart and mind last week spurred by the tragedy that took place in Parkland Florida where a 19-year old opened fire on his classmates, killing 17 and injuring many more. Even further back the tragedy in Las Vegas where a man shot from a hotel window killing 58 and injuring many more, the seed thoughts of what I want to share were being planted.


it is a philosophy of current culture that seeks to silence the core of practicing Christianity. Central to our faith is the ability to “call on the name of the Lord”.

The photo above is a photo recently circulating on social media captures what is driving me to speak. I am not sure if this is an actual photo of what this person sent to a congressman or something put together by someone who wanted to make a statement. In the end, it does not matter because it is a philosophy of current culture that seeks to silence the core of practicing Christianity. Central to our faith is the ability to “call on the name of the Lord”. In fact, one might rightfully say that the beginning of all faith was when men/women began to call on the name of the Lord.

26   Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time people began to call on the name of the Lord.   (Gen. 4:26)

This short verse is penned sometime after mankind fell into sin and experienced, for the first time, being separated from God. There is so much in this brief verse that jumps off the page as we read through it. After the birth of Enosh, (Enosh is mentioned in Luke 3:38 in the linage of Jesus) men started calling on God in prayer. This is no small thing! It is the beginning, of everything!

In Genesis 12 God met with Abraham as he “called on the name of the Lord” and promised to make him a great nation. In I Kings 18:24 the prophet Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal (an Idol) to call on the name of their god and he would call on the name of his God and the God who answered by fire would be declared God! Elijah’s God answered by fire and the people present fell face down and worshipped the God who answers prayer. In Acts 2:21 the great promise: “…everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”

For those who would treat prayer as if it were just kind thoughts toward individuals in peril… To those who would equate prayer with the words penned in a condolence card… To those who believe the actions of men are more powerful than the prayers of the saints… You are deceived.

If mankind could solve the problems of mankind we would not need to call on God. But mankind cannot cure evil or establish lasting peace or heal those pronounced terminally ill. No law we have passed has cured the sinful heart, saved one sinner, given a sound mind in place of a troubled one. Prayer, turned the heart of a wicked King to allow and fund Nehemiah to rebuild the destroyed walls of Jerusalem and the temple of God.

I am a first-hand witness to the power of prayer to heal the sick, make whole the financially ruined, restrain the work of evil, change wicked hearts, heal the deep wounds of the abused. In my lifetime, the Berlin wall fell in answer to prayer, Revival swept across our nation in the Charismatic Renewal and the Jesus movement of the 60’ and 70’s in answer to prayer.

Many Christians experience answered prayer every day. In the little and big things of life, we can see God at work daily in our lives and in the world around us. When tragedies like those listed above strike our communities we are fixed on them for good reason, we grieve with all those who suffer. We should also recognize the answered prayers we receive each day: Every time our children return home safely from school, each time we arrive at a destination in tact with our family, each time we pray for each other in sickness and we recover to full health.

It is no small thing to pray for someone!

It is no small thing to pray for someone! To lift a need to the living God means everything. When we place circumstances, family members, loved ones in the hands of God through prayer we have done the very highest and best we can do on earth. It does not always mean we will get what we want, it does mean God’s presence has been invited into the circumstance and He always accepts that invitation and acts upon the circumstance for His glory.

Prayer takes a backseat to no one! Without prayer, our world would be in chaos and that’s the reason man first called out to God in prayer. They recognized their need of the God who created them. They also recognized the limitation of humanity. We call out to God because He loves us but most of all because He hears and ANSWERS PRAYER!