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After service one Sunday morning, a young man came up to me. He was paying me a compliment on the morning message. He asked me "How do you know so much about the Bible?" Before I could say anything he spoke up again "Tell me short cuts".  I knew what he was saying. He was expecting the answer I would have given him. It takes years of committed study in God's word to be able to relate to others in confidence the things I had shared that morning. But that's not what he wanted to know. He just wanted to know were there any short cuts so he could avoid  years of study. 

Not every journey is the same but I can tell you without a doubt...THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS! I wish there were. Believe me I would have taken them. You need to put in the "hard work".

A pastor friend of mine ask me a question one day in my early ministry. It was a complex theological question. I sat quiet waiting for him to give me the answer but he just walked away. Later in the day I brought it up and he said: "You want to know the answer"? I responded "Of Course". Then he said: "Go study and figure it out". I was looking for a short cut. The problem with short cuts is: if you do not put in the work, the answer someone else gives you will not endure during trials of your faith. 

When you do the hard work and learn the truth, it will endure even the most violent faith storm. A growth plan that requires no work will not grow anything. 

Let's take a moment to access where you are. Write a definition for the terms below that you understand or have a basic grasp on. If you don't know what they are let me challenge you to do a little research and yes you can use google if you want.













All of these words are found in the Bible. We do need to understand what they mean for us and for mankind. The way we understand them now may change as we grow to know God more through his word, through our experience and through the Holy Spirits work teaching us. 

How did you do? Don't be discouraged the process of learning is just that...a process. It takes time. Take a look at these terms:






If it makes you feel any better the early disciples of Jesus would have been clueless on this list. We know because we have been born into it and we have experience and training. Once you get a plan together for spiritual growth you will learn all about the Biblical terms above. The key is you need to put in the work and effort. You have teachers around you that are willing to help: your pastor, spiritual leaders in the church, Biblical education teachers, other Christians who are mature in their faith. 

Stay connected and let's Grow for Jesus!