Thankfully at our church, people don't describe church as boring at least not out loud to me. I am sure there are people everywhere who have at one time or another said those words about all kinds of churches. Not just children but also adults. How about you...Is Church boring?

If you answered yes or sometimes, I would like to suggest that YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! Church is so much MORE than the weekly gathering. The weekly gathering is very important in this respect. It brings us together to worship Jesus. To learn about Him and to grow in Him. But the best part of church is not the weekly gathering. The best part is BEING the church not just going to church. 

I have been out of the pulpit for several weeks over the summer. Among other things I am preparing for our Fall campaign and writing a book about our church. Each Sunday I have faithfully attended our church and really enjoyed each of our guest speakers. Everyone of them but one, are leaders in our church and they have done a fantastic job. As I listen to them I realize this is the church! They all have day jobs that are very demanding but they have prioritized being the church in their communities at work at school. 

It is exciting to see the church at work all week not just on Sunday. Whenever church seems boring it is because you are sitting on the bench. It's time to get in the game. John Madden once described football this way: "football is 22 people being over exercised while 70000 people get under exercised." 

Church is not a spectator sport. All together we ARE the church. The church is 24/7.  Last Tuesday morning I felt a prompting from God to call my brother. He answered the phone and we greeted each other. He paused for a moment and said; "Just before you called I was praying and I said God I need for someone to tell me they love me today and as soon as I finished praying you called to tell me you love me!" Wow! That's how church works. Late Friday of that same week I was sitting outside a coffee shop in Round Rock and I guy came out and set nearby and opened his Bible as he listened to worship music. A minute or so later another guy came out sat across from me and he opened his Bible and began to read. I was like this is cool! This is exciting! Church is everywhere! 

If you don't have a home church I would like to invite you to try the GRACE PLACE CHURCH! If you are not in our area watch us on video or listen to our podcasts at It's time to not just go to church but BE the church!