Considering the fact that my mom is in her 7th decade she navigates Facebook pretty good. I had to laugh when I spoke with her recently she was very frustrated at some of her “Facebook friends” probably over some political disagreement I assume.

She is learning to unfollow people who raise her blood pressure. Lol Probably not a bad idea for all of us to learn.


The old saying is never discus religion or politics if you want to keep your friends your friends. For my part I think it is a good thing to discuss both publically. I have discovered, in 35 years as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that many Christian’s politics are not in harmony with their Christian faith.


No wonder the world is confused about Christianity. We proclaim a faith that we do not practice. The Bible declares the sanctity of life but many Christians are in lock step with cultures view of abortion. The Bible defines marriage as one woman and one man but many Christians (as witnessed on social media and elsewhere) boldly declare their stance against God and with culture.


The Bible teaches we should strive for integrity in our character, yet for all the world we display language, pictures and practices that do not distinguish us from non-believer but in fact make us look identical to unbelievers.


Are you turning your Christian faith into acceptable religion? Making it tolerable to sinful humanity means it is unacceptable to God.


I want to be clear that I am not talking about whom you should or should not vote for in elections. I am talking about how you live your daily life in front of a world that does not know Jesus. It is always good practice for us to look for the candidates or party that most closely match Biblical values but in a sinful world that option may be limited.


What we can do is live a life that looks more like Jesus. Live for Jesus out loud for everyone to see. Make sure your practice and faith match. Someone is always watching your life.


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