sunday, Why it is not just another day…


Sunday serves two purposes: 1. it is a day to gather in obedience to worship God with our local church family, to grow to know Him and to serve Him using the ministry gifts He has given to you. 2. It is a Day God called us to rest and be refreshed "a sabbath". 

hy do we struggle to Keep Sunday the way God wants us too?

God gave us 10 commandments then narrowed them down to the top two in the New Testament: Love God, Love People. If we kept just one: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength”, there would be no need to even remember the other nine. Why? Because our heart would be to please God always. Breaking commandments does not please Him. One of those commands was to "keep a Sabbath unto the Lord". 


So what really happens between the ears? We hear, we understand but then we do not obey. The Bible says in James 4:17

“So whoever knows what is good to do and does not do it is guilty of sin”.

I would be a rich dad today if I had one dollar for every time I repeated a command to my children. They knew it even as I was repeating it to them, yet they required me to repeat it. They would look at me as if I had just landed a space ship on planet earth and was speaking a foreign language.


What about us and God? Do we really need to told one more time that we would be better off taking our crushed dreams and broken heart to weekend worship rather than to sleep in on Sunday and drowned our sorrows in Netflix?


I am a pastor so what I am about to say may seem a bit self-serving. After all every pastor wants a larger gathering in Sunday morning worship right? Yes, this is true but maybe not for the reason you think. Each week I pray over every single chair set up in our auditorium. I know people will sit in these seats. People who will make life defining decisions. People who will hear God speak to their lives during the worship service, during the moments they meet and greet each other, during the message and during the time at the close of service that we make a call to come and spend time in the presence of Jesus.

 Sunday worship is the most important moment of your week. In these weekend gatherings eternal decisions are made, commitments are renewed, priorities are re-established, marriages are healed, sickness dismissed for good, hope restored, our children learn about God and His Words of life, identity is made clear, purpose awakened and Biblical mission accomplished.

Honestly, is there a better investment for you and your family than the Sunday gathering where we worship God together? Even when we are on vacation as a family we set aside 2 hours to attend Sunday morning worship with God’s wonderful family. I love church and you should too. 

When it comes to Sunday the decision should be "Easy".


Join us SUNDAYS 10:30a