Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to anyone’s life?

Jesus asked the question to put worry in the proper perspective.  Jesus knew something that all of us know but most of us forget: Worry hurts us and changes nothing in the situation we are worried about.

This weekend we are looking at worry in our message. In preparation for this gathering I have been doing some personal inventory on my life and discovered some things that worry me. In the light of the words of Jesus the things I am worrying about seem very small. Yet they do command too much of my attention, resource and energy. 

How is it possible to dispense with worry. It seems the only remedy for our worry is for the situation to play itself out and then there is nothing left to worry about. 

I've worried about first impressions, political correctness, identity theft and contagious infections. In spite of all the worrying, I'm still alive and well, and all my bills are paid.

Life can be spent or invested. We can spend our life buried in worry, fear and anxiety or we can invest our lives in purposes for which we have been created.

I have learned that life can be spent or invested and I choose the latter.

Why waste your life caught up in an activity that will change nothing. Of course this is easier said than lived out. The moment things seem to move out of our control we start to worry. 

So how can I choose NOT TO WORRY? Do you want the truth? If so here it is...YOU CAN'T! None of us can on our own. It is in our nature to worry. We are wired to think we have some control. We carry the guilt of our bad decisions that lead to pain for ourselves and others. Our sin nature makes sure we have something to worry about all the time. 

The Good News: We are not left alone to figure it out. We have the resources of heaven available to us. Worry is only the product of us taking God's place in our lives or the life of someone else. To Not Worry is to allow God to be in charge. Join us this weekend and we will see what God's Word has to say on the "Not Worry"  subject.