Killing Jesus

15 And you killed the Author of Life; but God brought him back to life again. And John and I are witnesses of this fact, for after you killed him we saw him alive! (Acts 3:15)


What would it have been like to have heard these words in person? To have been standing in the crowd startled by the accusation?

There have been many wasted hours, months years dedicated to affixing blame on a group or sect of persons for the death of Jesus. Hundreds of learned Biblical scholars have poured through historical records and original texts of scripture in an attempt to ferret out the guilty party.

Was it the Romans, the Jews, Judas (the betraying disciple) or perhaps it was the innocent bystanders who out numbered those who incarcerated Jesus, yet they did nothing. Where was the multitude of followers who loved to watch His miracles who celebrated His arrival in their villages and cities?

Affixing blame in a more general sense we need look no further than the mirror. Our sin brought Him to the cross.

24 He personally carried the load of our sins in his own body when he died on the cross so that we can be finished with sin and live a good life from now on. For his wounds have healed ours! (I Peter 2:24 LB)


There is mercy in the murder! Because He did not stay a victim of death, He conquered death!


“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, (John 11:25)


Our Hope is in a risen savior. Not only did He pay the price for our sin, He conquered death the penalty of our sin so He could offer us eternal life.


The Easter message is message of HOPE. We want to invite you to join us this Easter at the Grace Place Austin, 1500 Royston Lane, Round Rock, Texas for a celebration of HOPE. We offer two services Sat. 6pm and Sunday at 10:30am. Join us Good Friday April 3rd for a Worship Encounter gathering: All worship led by our worship band.


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