Is there an Elephant in your room? It is a monster that is keeping you from personal growth, development, killing your career and destroying relationships in your life? Not the cute elephant from the jungle but more the mammoth addiction, habit, me first character that enters the room in advance of us to land clear a path for our personality. We often are blind to the elephants in our lives. Why?


We have willful blind spots when it comes to the elephants in our own lives. Facing the elephant seems too daunting for us so we live as if it does not exist. When the monster in us hurts others, in order to keep it disguised, we lay the blame on others and make attempts to justify our actions.


We believe we can dismiss these creatures from our lives if we exercise strong enough will. In truth we are slaves to them. We cannot go around them, over them or under them. With God’s help we can go through them. How?


Road 51 paves the way. Find out this Sunday, March 1st, at the Grace Place when we look at: “TO BIG TO IGNORE” We will take a look at how to begin the process of getting the elephant out of the room.


Grace Place Austin

1500 Royston Lane

Round Rock Texas