Our Gratitude tells our Circumstances who really rules our lives!

What is a blessing jar? Last weekend at the Grace Place we gave everyone a blessing jar. If you were unable to attend last week no worries we have a few left you can pick one up before or after one of the weekend services. So, what are they?


They are a place where you can record your gratitude for the blessings God has bestowed upon you and your family. We are asking you to write down on a slip of paper the blessings you are thankful for over the next three weeks and put them in your blessing jar.


On Thanksgiving we are asking you to pass the jar around the table and allow every person to reach in take a slip of paper out and read the blessings you have recorded. This should be done before you eat thanksgiving dinner. Together as a family you can pray, remember and offer thanks to God.


It’s easy for us to forget the blessings in our lives. The painful, urgent and frustrating things get too much of our attention. Living a life of gratitude has to be purposeful. It requires our whole attention to the details of life. It requires our worship, our giving and our submission to each other.


Join us each weekend in November at the Grace Place as we prepare our hearts to offer Thanks.