Have you heard of the Lone Christian? It is really a very sad and short tale. They decided they could do this Christian thing all on their own without the church, small groups, accountability, responsibility or friendship. In the end they get so disconnected from daily spiritual life that they forget why they ever started in the first place. A dusty Bible, some old small group DVD’s and a handful of Bible study books are all that remain. Perhaps they will wind up in the next garage sale.

No, it does not work to try to do this alone. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto by his side. We need each other. Life is difficult. Christian living is warfare spiritually everyday of our lives. The devil never sleeps and he never takes a day off. When he see’s that we are trying to do it alone he does everything he can to keep us that way.

Some become lone rangers because they get their feelings hurt by someone in the church family. Others can point to bad spiritual leaders in their lives that damaged them and turned them away from the church. Still others feel they were abused as a volunteer in the church and they had to flee for their own safety. The sad truth is one or all of these things can be true. That said, none of them justify abandoning the church.

You may decide you need to find a new church home but there is never a reason for a lone Christian. There are unhealthy churches and if you are in one I would encourage you to find a healthy one and get plugged in. Do not make your church search an eternal mission. There are many good churches that will welcome you and make room for the gifts God has given you.

Get into small group. Here at the Grace Place we call our small group ministry GRACE CONNECT. Your small group family will be there for you as you face the challenges of life. Together we can make this journey both the joys and the sorrows. If you would like to get connected at Grace email us at: connect@graceplaceaustin.com

Don’t try to do it alone. We need each other!