Can you see God at Work? The way He works is often through us as well as around us. The question is are we available to allow God to work through us? I was at the E-pastor gathering today: A group of 21 pastors in our immediate area from all different denominations who have come together around the Biblical mandate of personal Evangelism. We opened in prayer. 30 minutes of men calling out to God for our City! 

My spirit was encouraged by these men of God who earnestly and sincerely were calling out to God to make them missional. To help them lead their congregations into the great harvest field we all call HOME. Every Man, Every woman, Every Child for Christ! This was the battle cry of each heart. 

In that next hour there was a call to bring our church leaders together with us to Pray. There were stories of how God is at work in each of these great churches. There was rejoicing over the many who have made Jesus the Lord and Leader of their lives in this past year though the outreach efforts of the combined churches. 

Before, during and after the meeting God was working in me. I was inspired by what took place, encouraged and given fresh insight as to the work that is before our church.

Along with that God was speaking to me about a conversation I had with my brother, Todd on Tuesday. He is a pastor in Phoenix. He had called to ask me to pray with him about their church finances. They needed 2700.00 by 5pm their time today in order to meet this months expenses. God was stirring my heart to give something personally to Todd. The amount was clear 500.00 but the directive was odd to me. The 500.00 was way short of what they needed but I trusted God completely and knew I was doing the best I could do to help. The church needed  the money, I was happy to make the check out to the church but God was clearly saying make it out to Todd. 

I wanted to do the right thing and I purposed to obey God. I called my brother and begin the conversation: "Did you get your miracle yet?" He answered: "Yes, and we were part of the miracle."  He told me that God had spoke to him and his wife to give 500.00 above their tithe. He knew it would be a huge sacrifice in their budget but God was clear. His wife had asked him "how much is God saying to you." He said 500.00, she said that is what God is saying to me too. They wrote the check and after signing it the phone rang. The person wanted to meet with my brother. Upon meeting they gave him a check for 2200.00. In moments the 2700.00 the church needed was in his hands and he was on the way to the bank. Praise God!!

Meanwhile back in Austin God was saying to me write a check to your brother for 500.00. I would not have had the money except for a gift that came from some faithful Christians just a week ago. They felt God speak to them to give Michele and I a financial gift. We were greatly humbled by their gift but we knew this: Every gift we get from God is meant to be shared. 

I am feeling about as close to heaven as you can feel on earth. God at work in me and around me. Faithful men of God answering the call to reach their cities for Christ and God providing everything needed. If you have a need you can trust HIM. Take a step of faith: If God can get it through you He can get it too you! 

Can you see God at work?