Thanksgiving is more than a family day together with great food and football games. It is a reminder to us all to say “thanks”. I have so many great memories of Thanksgiving Day gatherings over the years. I grew up in Arizona so most Thanksgiving Day’s were sunny and in the 60 degree range. It was great for the afternoon football game with family and friends. I usually played the quarterback  and we always played tackle. Afterwards we would limp home and eat leftovers.

I have so very much to be thankful for in my life. At the top of the list just under my gratitude for Jesus and my wife and family I would have to say: I am thankful for my church family. The community of God has played a key role in my life though out my life. Here are some of the benefits we enjoy living in God’s community:



-In community we encourage and correct.

-In community we affirm and expose

-In community we send out with a blessing those God calls to serve abroad.

-In community we find help in the time of need

-In community we share life


I did not even mention that I found my wife of 31 years in community. We started serving together in children’s and youth ministry and we have been together ever since. So many friends have been made in community. I would be hard pressed to put a number on how many times my faith community came to my rescue and helped me: spiritually and financially. They have prayed for me, corrected me when I ventured into dangerous territory. They have encouraged to trust God and to step out in faith. In community I have found acceptance, love and hope.


If you are trying to live life outside of the church, the community of God, you will find it very frustrating. Let me encourage you to join community and invite you to start at the Grace Place. We will love and accept you and welcome you into the family. 

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