Ministers In Training

The MiT program is to train, equip and develop all who have a call on their lives for full time ministry. Our goal is to train and equip those seeking to grow and develope their own ministry, with the right skills & tools to be successful.  It is not just for those who want to seek just preaching but their are other tracks as well, here is a quick snapshot of the MiT program.

Ministers in Training is the credentialing program through Grace Place via the Assemblies of God.

There are 3 levels of credentialing with the A/G:


1. Certified Ministers:


 For those who have a call to serve in their church and want to increase their theological and doctrine understanding.


2. Licensed to Preach: 


Those who feel a pastoral calling on their lives and need to learn how to handle the Word of God for preaching and teaching.


3. Ordained:


3. Ordained: Those who carry Licensed to preach for at least 2 years are engaged in ministry full time and complete the classes that for this level

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