There are all these stories about restoration of marriages. About hope and never giving up. About God healing the deeply broken. And while those stories are beautiful, I think we overlook those who God gives another answer to. Sometimes, God says “no.” Sometimes you can spend days, weeks, months, even years begging and pleading. Asking for healing and restoration. Sometimes it even looks like that prayer will be answered. And yet… sometimes… God… says… no. That “no,” that clear-as-day “no” is wrapped in peace and pain. It’s wrapped in “I have something else for you.” “This is not your story.” “This is not your path.” It’s wrapped in both broken and healing. It’s wrapped in mercy and grace- the kind of mercy and grace that save you from a deep darkness you never knew before existed. It’s wrapped in shattered people who see the light.

Sometimes the answer is “no,” and that’s okay. It’s okay if your marriage ended after lots of begging and pleading. It’s okay that your marriage ended- period. It’s okay that your life took a different course. This story, this answer, is not “less than.” It’s in no way less valuable than a story of restoration. In fact, sometimes the answer of “no” is a restoration of self and a restoration of sanity. It is okay to walk away. It is okay to release the past and find peace in it.

- Shraddah J.